Our Teams


Chuanfeng Lee is the co-founder and CMO of DeepBrain Chain and Yi Yu Intelligent Technology(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. He is also a member of China Audio Industry Association and one of the first entrepreneurs in the field of AI in China. He started to study blockchain in 2015 and co-founded DeepBrain Chain in 2017. In the meantime, he successfully invested in several blockchain projects.


President of Foundation

Feng He is the CEO of DeepBrain Chain. He was enrolled in a Ph.D. program at East China Normal University and Chinese Academy of Sciences. As an artificial intelligence expert, he holds the title of Innovation Character of the Shanghai computer industry. He started research on bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2014.


Foundation Advisor

As a “deep tech” investor he has led multiple successful investments in the area of IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and Automotive in the last decade in Europe, US and China. Within RBVC, Hongquan is responsible for the search cluster "automation and electrification" which includes sensors, semiconductors, MEMS, electronics robotics and Autonomous & Cognitive systems. He has collected broad experiences in the automotive and electronic industries.

Foundation Advisor

Kang-Hyun has served as the Professor in charge of Intelligent Systems Laboratory and vice dean of e-Vehicle Graduate Institute during 2007-2009 and continuously the vice dean of College of Engineering during 2009-2011 in University of Ulsan, Korea. He has been served as a director of many societies: ICROS (Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems, Korea), KMMS(Korean Multimedia Society), SICE(Society of Instrumentation and Control Engineers, Japan), as well as IEEE IES TC-HF(Human Factors Technical Committee) Chair. He is currently contributing himself as an editor for a few renowned international journals, such as IEEE IES TII (Trans. on Industrial Informatics), etc.

Foundation Advisor

Project Leaders

Dr. Gu has over 30 years of RD and management experiences with AI, Vision and Robotics in Panasonic, Konica-Minolta, Midea Group etc. Dr. Gu as initial tech member participated in three AI Startups. He is the first author of more than 30 research papers and holds 20 granted patents (and 19 in pending). Harry holds Ph.D. degree from Osaka University and was working as professor and researcher in Southeast Univ., Osaka Univ., USC, UNR, RPI and Stanford.


Chief Technical Officer & Founder

A former president of AMD China Sales, President of Advantech China Sales;, Established long-term cooperation with AMD, NVIDIA, Asus, Dalian United Group, Advantech, and Fanyu.


Chief Marketing Officer

Mr.Nie Cong graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering of Southeast University in 1981. He is a professional practitioner of the first generation of stock securities and futures investment (red vest). In 1997, he joined the International Association of E-Commerce and became a registered applicant. E-Commerce; in 2006, he became the first author of Eric Consulting’s e-commerce channel; part of the Internet’s first-generation practice participants; dedicated to e-commerce services and providing solutions for fifteen years, is the earliest Internet e-commerce expert , with rich Internet basic theory knowledge and forward-looking practical integration experience, providing e-commerce solutions for dozens of large and small-scale attribute enterprises, senior research and application independent scholars; currently engaged in AI+ blockchain technology application research and focused on application technology. Concurrently, he was invited to be the honorary expert of the Expert Committee of Nanjing Blockchain Alliance Training College. In March 2019, he became the vice president of the AI+ Blockchain Professional Committee of Jiangsu Science and Technology Innovation Association. Under the leadership of Mr. Nie, we have created a marketing team and added new channels for media such as Weibo and Zhiho. We expect to extend VNX to the Chinese community and land more AI solutions.


Chief Operating Officer

Marketing & Community

Tomasz has an experience in working on websites, creating marketing materials, videos and presenting. He has worked as consumer network builder for FM World, currently working hand-in-hand with customers of hospitality business. Studies Accounting and Finance. In project, he develops the Website and builds Investors relations on Telegram. Tomasz has an experience in working on websites, creating marketing materials, videos and presenting. He has worked as consumer network builder for FM World, currently working hand-in-hand with customers of hospitality business. Studies Accounting and Finance. In project, he develops the Website and builds Investors relations on Telegram.


Website Developer & Community Support

Alex is a blockchain technology enthusiast who has various years of experience studying and analyzing online data which has given him extensive knowledge in social media management, web based advertising and content creation. As an active investor, Alex has spent the past couple of years studying blockchain and new emerging AI tech giving him a deeper understanding in how to bridge open source data collection and blockchain technology to further drive marketing efforts for the company. His versatility and knowledge in these fields allows him to bring brand awareness to VisionX on several social media platforms.


North America Marketing & Community Support

John is currently working full time in an Automation role for in a multi-billion dollar Pharmaceutical company while also being a full time blockchain enthusiast. He has a very strong background in I.T with more than 10 years’ experience and passion for Artificial Intelligence.

Community Support

A visionairy entrepeneur and early adaptor of blockchain technology. With an extensicve background as a market researcher and analist in the oil,energy and financial sector. Possessing a vast experience in blockchain solutions and understanding of market fundamentals. Holding degrees in marketing & communication, psychology and data analysis.

Marketing Analyst

Undergraduate study at the Nanjing Institute of Technology (now Southeast University) automatic control department, after graduation, stayed in school as a counselor. After that, he went to Belgium to study in the Department of Electronic Engineering of the famous Leuven University in Europe and obtained a master's degree. After joining the United States, he joined the world-famous semiconductor company Micron as a chip electronic analysis engineer. After coming to the Bay Area in 2010, he participated in many major social activities in the Bay Area. He served as the president of the Dongdawan District Alumni Association and is currently the President of the Nanjing Association of Towns and the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce.


Community Development in West USA